A new platform for promoting internationalization between Spain, Europe and Latin America

SIETE Agromarketing Cultural is a communications agency, marketing consulting and international agrifood primarily focused on European and Latin American markets. Now available your Web: www.sieteagromarketing.com. It launches “e-Comercio Agrario”, one digital newspaper, that will bring political, economic, cultural and gastronomic information on the food business between the two continents.


It comes out the Web version of SIETE Agromarketing Cultural, communications agency, marketing consulting and international agrifood, whose target is to add value within the food, culinary and cultural area, in terms of the communication and internationalization of the brand and products of national, European and Latin American companies. In fact, these companies believe in digital products as the best form of communication to the meeting of offers and services.
For meeting the needs of expanding markets for companies, SIETE Agromarketing Cultural will launch the international journal: www.ecomercioagrario.com. It is the first media on line to provide political, economic, cultural, tourist and gastronomic information on the food business, country to country, from Spain, Europa and Latin America, with special interest in the horticultural sector and international providers of agricultural inputs.

In addition, its digital edition will boost the new technologies of the information, a release with active and innovative sections, always from a critical and independent approach.
SIETE Agromarketing Cultural has an innovative online promotion and participates-ing in the growth of business customers, which constitutes its Business Agro, a VIP product that supports the food industry through the organization of forums, Master Class Lunch-Colloquium private and Breakfasts, which will promote meetings between public institutions, companies and customers to enhance the export and import business, with topics of interest to the sector.


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