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The Olivar and EVOO sector gathered by Siete Agromarketing

Siete Agromarketing, within its Bussiness Agro events, organized last November the III Tertulia del Olivar and EVOO, organized by Siete Agromarketing, eComercio Agrario and the agrarian organization ASAJA. Under the title ‘Keys for optimal production and promotion of commercialization‘, the day addressed the main strategies of production and marketing in the olive sector, and are […]

Siete Agromarketing promotes equality in the sector with the Women Agro awards

SIETE Agromarketing, in its commitment to equal opportunities for men and women in the sector, promoting in turn the work of women agro-professionals, presented the Women’s Agro Awards, on January 18 at the Ministry of Ecological Transition . This initiative developed by the communication agency Siete Agromarketing and the agricultural e-Commerce medium, is part of […]

At your disposal, the Conclusion Notebook on Safe Fruit Marketing in China

Seven Agromarketing puts at your disposal the Communication Book on safe fruit marketing in China, a theme that focused its first Tertulia Business Agro, held last September. It includes the main conclusions obtained during its celebration, as well as an analysis on the situation of the stone fruit and its commercial possibilities in the Chinese market.

The second Tertulia Business Agro de Siete Agromarketing in Toledo meets the expectations of public and participation

The II Tertulia Business Agro ‘Olive Oil: US and Mexican markets’, which Siete Agromarketing held in Toledo on November 15 has met the expectations of public and participation, and has given as a main conclusion the excellent commercial prospects that Offers the North American market, despite the political moment. Meanwhile, Mexico is configured as a destination to take into account and the Ministry of Agriculture of Castilla-La Mancha has designed a battery of aid to contribute to the size of the sector.

Mexico: The cranberry industry growing

With a global vision of the agri-food business, e-Comercio Agrario and Siete Agromarketing have been betting on the sector Cranberry in Mexico, whose expectations have risen precipitously over the past five years, attracting now new investments for over 150 million dollars to reach an ambitious goal of 4,000 hectares involving more than 800 producers in the […]