Mexico: The cranberry industry growing

With a global vision of the agri-food business, e-Comercio Agrario and Siete Agromarketing have been betting on the sector Cranberry in Mexico, whose expectations have risen precipitously over the past five years, attracting now new investments for over 150 million dollars to reach an ambitious goal of 4,000 hectares involving more than 800 producers in the states of Jalisco and Michoacan. The 28th and 29th of June, is celebrated Consulting Seminar Berries in the comfortable Terrace Andares, located in one of the main business areas of Guadalajara, in the heart of western Mexico.

Through our correspondents, we will be moving this important meeting several producers, distributors comparators and arandanera industry as AgranaFruit, Alpasa, Berrie Lovers, Berrymex, Berrie’s Paradaise, BQ Fruit, Corporate Altex, Driscoll, Export Berry, Exifrut, Group Berries, Guimarra, Hortifruit, SB Berrys, Splendor, Sunnyridge, Universal Berries and others that are part of the National Association of Exporters of Berries (Aneberries).

It will certainly be very interesting to know the recent history of this small fruit -originaria forest on the west coast of the United States- which is grown commercially in only 15 countries, whose total area exceeds 100,000 hectares, and that has just become in the preferred fruit of milenians worldwide, as well as consumers in Nordic countries, where its antioxidant properties easily relate to longevity and quality of life.

But bilberry despite its fragility, using advertising smiling consumers, is reaching many countries including China, Japan and Korea, where an estimated annual consumption in the coming years, it could become more than 300,000 tons, almost 60% of current demand of importing countries. Another interesting fact is that per capita consumption is just in its beginning and it is estimated that could increase at rates of 30% annually.

One of the advantages for the attendees to this event, will get to know the nutritional management of this fruit is the key to addressing the climate change impacts and achieve production with the highest quality standards. It will therefore be important to know the voice of the experts, the ideal soil conditions, nutrients and hours of cold to help form the best bunches taking advantage of environmental conditions. It is clear that manipulation of the plant, is the key to quality production. Similarly, the collection, handling, storage, packaging and transportation add points to the success of operations.

To know the true story of cranberry we invite you to this seminar where through a complete program, we may share with Chilean specialists Berries Consulting, the most relevant news of the super fruit side Fallcreek experts, Berries Paradaise and Dole, who will speak of the growth conditions, investment opportunities and market development.

This meeting will be ideal for those who like to break the myths and make milestones, especially to explain the real growth of blueberry production in Mexico, according to official data and reaches a surface of 1,843 hectares with an annual output of 18,000 tons , of which 55% is exported as fresh product with a more than $ 100 million annual value.

According to experts, the advantages of Mexico as a producer of blueberries are several. They mentioned the proximity to the market of the United States and Canada -the main consumers of blueberries-; availability of labor with the capacity to harvest up to 28 kilos per workday; the ideal conditions of soil and climate and ultimately production is concentrated in the months of highest demand with high prices, from November to March. With all this in favor, the opportunity for Mexican producers is very clear: the cranberry industry is booming and developing commercially.

We hope to see you in this important event, which will be attended for e-Comercio Agrario.