Milan Expo 2015, in our agenda. Feeding the planet, energy for life.

The international vocation of SIETE Agromarketing in the field of food and agriculture and culture between Europe and Latin America leads unequivocally to visit the Expo Milan 2015, as global stage that undertakes the complex issue of food from an environmental, historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technological and economic’s point of view.

We must produce healthy, adequate, sustainable and affordable food. In 2050 we will have to feed about 9,000 million people, so participating countries launched its visitors the challenges directed to the maintenance of a balanced diet, reducing food waste and encouraging agri-food innovation. Spain is one of the 144 States around the world represented in Milan.

Among these, the Latin American presence is very important since its reputation of world food pantry due to the agrarian resources combined. While the quinoa, native to the Andean universe, is one of the nutrients future large-scale global supply, the Mediterranean diet, olive oil, wine, ham, fruit and vegetables and organic products, and fish, also serves as eating healthfully.

SIETE Agromarketing has established contacts with various representatives of Latin American and European countries in Milano Expo to promote collaborative actions on innovation in the agrifood value chain, technology to agriculture and biodiversity or feed or the world’s cultures and its ethnic groups.

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