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Our motto is if you don’t communicate it doesn’t exist, that is why we are unique, different, at Siete Agromarketing, as a communication, marketing and consulting agency specialized in the agri-food sector, CSR strategy and equality, we reinvent ourselves every day by contributing new ideas and projects throughout the value chain, nationally and internationally.

  • Specialists in developing 360º communication and marketing strategies.
  • 4.0 communication and marketing strategies to grow your company.

Organization of customized events with new ways of communicating, Media Plan, Press Releases, promotions, support at fairs…


We ideate, design, produce and organize your corporate and/or promotional events. We take care of the media call, the management of press trips or any type of street marketing actions. Always at a national and international level.

Consulting and Equality

Our sector is so broad and extensive that sometimes you can feel lost, misplaced and not knowing where to start… Don’t worry, we are here for you, our team with more than 20 years of experience reaches out to you. Ask us!

Professional advisory services aimed at the needs of companies in the sector.
  • Preparation of exhibitions, presentation of the brand.
  • Creation of new lines of work, fairs, etc.
  • Editorial design (magazine production
    corporate, catalogues, reports, etc.)
  • Graphic design and corporate image.
  • Marketing projects..

Marketing and Design

Community Manager

Communication and promotion is essential both inside and outside your company. We have the tools you need to carry it out.

Corporate communication
  • Advice and design on communication strategies, positioning, management, crisis orientation, training for spokespersons, relations with the media.
  • Personalized communication consulting and management, external communication office.
  • Presentations of campaigns in national and international media.
  • Development, maintenance and management of content.
  • Organization and preparation of press conferences, calls, etc.
  • Communication strategy in launches.

Business Agro 4.0

We have a new way of communicating: agile, dynamic, participatory, close and innovative. With Business AGRO we create conversations, dialogues and spaces to share experiences and knowledge. Check out our sponsorship options, there are some adapted to all types of formats and needs.

Branding: Design

Influencer's AgroMarketing

Specialization is the key to our success

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Our team

Gissele Falcón Haro

CEO, Chairman

Marga López Polo

Head of Projects, Marketing and Communication

Jose Esteban Ruiz Álvarez

Editorial Manager, Delegate for the Mediterranean Area

Jorge Cocero Mora

General Coordinator for Content and Publications

Bárbara Aguayo Martínez

Head of Equality, Agrifood Journalist

Josue David Falcón Haro

Advertising Expert, Account Executive

Bruno Amador

Head of Creativity, Design, Layout and Branding

Lola Carrasco Pérez

Head of Administration

Our family.

Our family.

Do you want to join us?

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